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PET Type – Non Attribute (Love)

Posted on: September 28, 2007

Egg 1st Evo 2nd Evo
Old Egg [ra]- Ram
New 1 Shrine maiden wind New 1 secondary evolution
New 2 Face [guro] daughter Electric shadow girl
New 3 Small demoniac [chi] [tsu] [ku] Queen

Skill :

Lv Name Effect/delay MP
6 Sprouting sprouting beam In object damage of non attribute ? ? (24)
18 Sprouting sprouting dance A.Pwr,A.Spd decrease of object (30% down: 35 seconds) ? ?
25 Smile Rise A.Pwr (7% in 60 seconds) ? ?
36 [] HP/MP consuming, Recover MP Player (MP+6: 40 sec) ? ?

2 Responses to "PET Type – Non Attribute (Love)"

evolusion metal egg yang besar tunggu lvl brapa

beli stonenya dimana ahahaha?

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