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DoMo Online Version 5

Posted on: August 22, 2008

DWP as Domo Online Indonesia one of the best MMORPG publisher has announced the launch of v5.5 of Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO), a major content update that provides players with new features such as new maps, wedding patch, max level, many new quest with new item as a rewards. With these new features implemented, players have much more to explore in the vast world of DOMO. Read the full article to know more about key additions of this version.

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5 Responses to "DoMo Online Version 5"

Like what i seen here, it was very interesting to see and visit all
the great stuff on here, and would very much recommend this site
to someone else also. Great Job…

I like play domo but now there isn’t patch again >> situsnya orang bloon

Itu situsnya orang parkiran, isinya iklan semua, kalau ada yang ngeclick, yang punya situs dapat duit tuh


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